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The news started trickling in over the weekend. A major earthquake struck near to the capital, Kathmandu. It will be days, weeks, months before the magnitude of the devastation and loss is known. Isolated areas over mountainous terrain will be hard to reach, nothing but silence may be discovered. Time will tell.

I think back to the first weeks of my time in Haiti, and how even after a year of work there, it seemed as if the mountain was so hard to climb. In addition to food, water, shelter and medical care – consciousness, empathy and coordination are equally important. Sometimes good intentions are more harmful than helpful. There is an innate urge in us to help, and the best way to do so – in situations like this – is to donate money. To organizations already operating in Nepal. Free goods that flow unheeded, disrupt the local economy. The ‘first responders’ are already there. They are neighbours, friends and loved ones. There is a role for the humanitarian community – skilled professionals who understand the complexity of disaster response – and resources are needed to make that happen. Here are some organizations that are worth supporting:





Here are some images that Janet took when she traveled to Nepal in 2011 in support of Fibres of Life. Warmth, smiles and beautiful moments everywhere she turned. So whether it be prayer, gratitude, silence or reflection … let’s channel some to the people of Nepal.

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