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Yesterday, Janet and I attended an inspiring workshop in Bragg Creek. The guest speaker was the inspiring and humble David duChemin http://davidduchemin.com  He weaves tales of his expeditions abroad with humour, intricate grace and raw honesty.  Among the several inspiring moments of the workshop, we were encourages to explore the places in which we live. The 100 mile diet was encouraged – explore the parts of your community, whether the rolling grasslands of the prairies, the mountain towns of the Rockies or the city centre, the streets you might tread each day. To see things with fresh eyes. To explore the lines, see beauty in the texture and to reawake the creativity that is right at your doorsteps. I remembered some images I’d taken this past summer, when a group of friends drove down to Wayne, Alberta for Waynefest. We camped out under the speckled stars, among the hoodoos and danced til closing time with a heaving crowd of characters at the Last Chance Saloon. While technically, this is the 150 mile diet it was worth it to stumble across this little gem in the prairies …

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