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2020 Summer Photo Camp for Kids


Sign up before March 21st and save $50.


Last year was the first summer for me to hold the camps and OH MY GOODNESS… they were so much fun!!!   (So much work and soooo much fun!)   With one summer’s experience behind me, I can’t wait for this summer’s camps to arrive.    For me, it’s all about this…

To spark passion, confidence, and curiosity in kids.

To connect them to themselves, each other, and the world around them.

Yes, the camps are about photography.   The kids will learn all about their cameras and all about how to improve their pictures.   They will learn about the exposure triangle, how aperture impacts your image and how to freeze and show motion.  We will talk lots about light and how to start seeing cool light to capture in your image.   We’ll talk about how to make a good exposure and practice all sorts of composition tools.   They will definitely move from snapshot to storyteller.   They will learn so much about photography!!      But it’s about a lot more too.   Woven throughout all the learning and the activities we do in camp are the following values Kids Photography Academy stands for:

Life is about noticing and discovering the world around you and finding what resonates. Explore! Seek out adventure!

Life is about connection. Connect to yourself, to others, to nature, to creativity.   To a story, to a cause, to a value.

Play and experiment! Don’t take any of this too seriously. Get your hands and mind in there and see what you can do!

Your art and your story is worth sharing. Your voice matters.  Share it!

Do you know how amazing you are? Celebrate it! Take pride in your work and uplift each other. Your stories and your creations deserve to be shared!


Sound like a camp you’d like your kid to be part of?    AWESOME!!!   Read on…

My goal is for each participant to be comfortably moving in manual mode on their cameras by the end of the camp. I believe the best way to learn photography is hands-on, so there will be lots of time to practice the new concepts we will learn and discuss together. I bring in lots of different ways to learn: slideshows, games, examples, challenges, discussions, critiques, and some methods I probably haven’t even thought up yet!   Together, we will be talking lots about frame composition, creative techniques, aperture, shutter speeds, ISO and lots more… all while expressing ourselves with this beautiful medium of digital film. The participants will come out of the camp with the confidence and skills to work their camera as well as matted prints, art projects featuring their images and a folder of their digital images that will be sent your way.

I will be joined by another lovely young lady, Alecia, for the week. I strongly believe in the power of displaying our kids work so Alecia will be working with your kids photographs to create stunning art pieces.  The pieces the kids went home with last year were amazing… framed prints, wood photo transfers, sweet translucent stones, collages, triptychs… just loved seeing all these works of art!     She is in the process of completing her education degree at the University of Calgary and has told me how grateful she is to be pursuing a life practice wherein she can be inspired by the young people of this world. She was at the camps last year and was a complete rockstar, so I am super excited for her to be part of our camp again!!

At the end of the camp, we will be showing off our work in a Photo Gala that family and friends are very welcome to attend.


The camps will take place at Elboya Heights/ Britannia Community Hall  (416 Park Ave SW).  The hall is right at the western edge of Stanley Park so we will have a great combination of indoor and outdoor time.

A camera which has manual mode is required. A DSLR is recommended but not necessary. Lunch will need to be provided by yourselves (not included in the camp). And the most important requirements; an open mind, positive attitude and desire to learn!!


Here are the dates:

5 DAY CAMP FOR 10-13 YEAR OLDS — August  10 -14  (9:00 – 4:00 pm)

You can register for the 10-13 year old camp through this link.    The cost is $495 plus gst.  Register for the camp and then an invoice for payment will be sent your way afterwards.


4 DAY CAMP FOR 13-16 YEAR OLDS — July 6 – 9   (10 – 4:00pm)

You can register for the teen camp here.  The cost is $400 plus gst.  Register for the camp and then an invoice for payment will be sent your way afterwards.


Please feel free to ask me any questions at janetp@visualhues.com.

*** Payment in full is required to secure your spot and is non-refundable.

****Kids Photography Academy reserves the right to cancel or postpone photography camp if there is inadequate enrollment. In the event that a camp must be cancelled, you will be notified by email in advance.  You will then receive full reimbursement of camp fees.


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