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A 10 MINUTE BREAK! by Janet Pliszka

This is the craziest possible time of year for a photographer.  Shoots, edits, and all the other stuff that goes into running your own business.   Truly, I would love to clone myself right this minute.  Actually scratch that.  Clone myself from 10 days ago before I tweaked my back and then had a semitruck rear-end on Crowchild.  It was stop and go traffic thank goodness, but it was still a semi.  And as much as my heart and head do,  my poor little back does not appreciate the many hours of sitting it takes to edit all these gorgeous fall shoots I’m dying to get to.  So I promise I am working as much as I can while keeping in mind the health of my spine.  I thank you for all your patience and understanding!

So just now I was doing one task of ‘all that other stuff that goes into running your own business’.  I was selecting some images for a donation to a fundraiser for my kids school this weekend.   And I ran across this one from our summer vacation.  I just had to take a break and post it.  As hectic as each of our lives get as certain times of the year, we can always take time out for our little ones.  And for a little giggle.

Love you my sweet little piggy, boy!

Let me know if you like colour or black and white better!!


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  1. Shelley October 15, 2013 Reply

    LOL Love this image, sorry to hear about your back :-(
    I like the color image best but it was hard to choose!

    • Janet Pliszka October 15, 2013 Reply

      Thanks Shelley! Isn't it hilarious! He just pressed on that screen for the shortest moment and so glad I had my camera. he cracks me up. And yes, bad timing on the back. But this morning I could put my pants on somewhat normally!!!

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