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Today, a dear friend of ours is saying goodbye to her dad, Ross.   I’ve had the honour of getting to know him over the years and have so enjoyed our conversations and his company.  In fact, we went on a date once.   One that was a night I’ll remember, well, yes forever.  Knowing how much I love hockey and the Flames, Cathy invited me to a hockey game at the Saddledome.  It was almost a year ago now.  Cathy’s husband was her date and I was Ross’s.  Calgary was playing the Detroit Red Wings.  As for our seats, there was only one sheet of glass between me and the Detroit defencemen (well in the first and third periods anyway).  Yep, you got ‘er.  First row, baby!!   It was an incredibly exciting night and I waas so happy to have shared this with Cathy, Dave, and Ross.

I was over at Cathy’s house earlier today and she showed me the beautiful slideshow she had put together of Ross.  This man had the biggest, most genuine smile you have ever seen… over and over and over again, in every image he would light up the picture.  It was just part of him.  I know Cathy, Dave and the four boys will miss that smile terribly.  With time, they’ll remember him and his smile with that feeling though, you know that one that just surges throughout your heart and chest when one remembers those that mean so much.

I raise my glass to Ross as I share some images of him from two wonderful days… from our night at the Flames game and Cathy and Dave’s wedding.

Hugs to you all.


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