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I first met this sweet young couple on a beautiful summer’s evening in August. The light was perfect, their affection, their style, everything came together for our maternity shoot … and the good luck continued once this beautiful little girl came into the world. The newborn shoot was seamless … probably one of the smoothest newborn shoots I’ve done, the baby slept peacefully, allowed us to move her around and be held by different people, all without making a sound. And what made that extraordinary is that we were racing against time. Literally. The moving truck to take this new family to their new home in Winnipeg was on it’s way … and in between shots, the new papa and his friends continued to carry the furniture out of the house. Take a photo. Remove furniture. repeat …

But this young family shined on through it all and – from where I was standing – managed the stress of moving and a new baby with ease. Here’s to welcoming spring in Manitoba, after a very long winter, and many more adventures, moments of laughter and love for this family.


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