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AN ADVENTURE … Janet Pliszka

I guess it is my own childhood that draws me so much to photo shoots that are out in the country.  I’m drawn to the wide open spaces, the fresh air and the native grass that I had just outside my door when I was growing up on a ranch south of our city.  You know, all those elements that as a child you took for granted and as an adult you so appreciate.   What I loved about this family was that I really believe the kids did recognize the value and beauty of this space that surrounds them.  They loved exploring, discovering, and showing off this somewhat secretive spot to me.

This whole evening was an adventure with discovery after discovery.  We’d be walking along the ridge and I’d stop them because I loved the light.  We’d be walking down through the woods and I’d stop them because I love the long grass.  I’d stop them again because I loved the back light coming in behind the fallen trees.  And then we find the run-down house, and oh the cement stairs, and oh the train tracks.   Then their was the stunning owl who bade us goodbye as we were leaving.  I could have the spent the whole weekend with this family, they were so kind, so interesting, so loving, so appreciative of the beauty around them.

Yes, I think these will be special pictures for this family.   They will do more than just capture their connection, love and beauty.   This area may be developed one day very soon and they will no longer be able to take these adventures.   So the images will capture this particular moment in time for years to come.  And that’s exactly what pictures are meant to do.

I’m so happy to have crossed paths with all of you.  Thank you for the amazing evening!


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