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Andrea Iervella from SchoolWorx

I love to photograph businesses who want the world to see what they are all about.   It’s a challenge I give myself, to have people look at those images and not only feel they know who they purchasing a service or product from but also how they themselves will feel as a customer.  So I was super stoked when Andrea contacted me to take photos of her business, SchoolWorx.  I love her idea so much and was excited to work with her.   I know how many families can benefit from her idea, including mine!   Our home has big clear boxes stuffed full of the beautiful, precious drawings Hailey and Reuben have created over the years.   So stuffed in fact, I’m very certain I have starting just placing the pictures on TOP of the box dedicated for them!!   The same thing is happening in your home, right?  Well, Schoolworx archives all that precious art created by your kids into a one-of-a-kind book that can be treasured with friends and family forever.   The books are beautiful!   Knowing how much my own kids love looking at their photoalbums, I just smiled as I saw her kids laughing and smiling over all the drawings and art pieces they made themselves.   (I think they were laughing a lot over their pictures of dad!)   I know how treasured they will be.  And just as photographs document your kids changes over the years, so do SchoolWorx books!   As you look through these photos, I hope you can feel what a friendly and fun lady Andrea is and also feel the joy you and your kids can be filled with as you look through these precious books.  She already has beautiful images of the books themselves, so you’ll see we focused on the fun people behind SchoolWorx.

And I must do some bragging for her.   Andrea just came home with the first prize for the Mompreneur Award of Excellence for 2015 earlier this month.  Amazing!!   Congratulations Andrea.  That is no small feat and we hope you are super proud of yourself and all your achievements.

So start picking out your favourite art masterpieces from your little artists and send them Andrea’s way!


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