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Amy Brathwaite:

He ain't heavy, he's my brother.

♥ This was one of the first families that I met when I moved to Calgary just over 3 years ago – and it was to meet the first born child of this kind, sweet and very cool couple. Time quickly moves on and I was delighted to meet the…

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let go, and let flow.

when little ones have grasslands to run in, dirt to play with, and shadows to chase … it’s hard to compete. And so when you let go, that’s where the beautiful moments unfold.  These determined and curious little ones kept me moving and kept me laughing, much as it is…

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Fall Sessions – Booking Now!

I guess it really is true that time goes more quickly as you get older … knowing that one of the kids who entered Janet’s KPA Photo Contest counted her age as 10.75 years old, I wish we could stretch out the time to how it felt when we were…

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Forever Young

coming off of 4 days at another incredible Calgary Folk festival, it seems fitting to just use a song to show my friend and her little man what their love looks. And may sunshine and happiness surround you when you’re far from home And may you grow to be proud…

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Closer to the Heart

Words usually come to me easily. But with this family of strong women, their silliness, their connection, the beauty and strength of their mum … it seems the words are best left to a literary icon: “Sweet, crazy conversations full of half sentences, daydreams and misunderstandings more thrilling than understanding…

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So Fresh and So Green – Petite Session Day June 14

The changes in the seasons – especially the ones where blossoms pop and lush green comes – seem to last such a short time.  SO with that, and the popularity of our petite sessions, Janet and Amy are offering three days of So Fresh So Green Petite Sessions. When: June 14 (Amy and…

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The Cinderella Project

Once again delighting at where this job can take me … I got to spend one day back in March with a dedicated team of volunteers who were working to transform a gymnasium into a magical dressing room. The CinderellaProject began in 2005 in Calgary as a small project by…

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busy bees

I always enjoy capturing authentic moments with my photography and do lean more towards the lifestyle-side of the spectrum. And then when you meet two sweet, strong, determined and very ACTIVE 18 month old girls, you say ‘we’re gonna roll’ with this one … And we did. The girls kept…

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