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Janet Pliszka:

TRUTH & TONIC – by Janet Pliszka

Lots of babies, kids and families take center stage on our blog but Amy and I completely enjoy photographing the big kids too.   Sure we miss balancing things on our heads and singing the wheels on the bus, but we can still be goofy and fun with you older guys!!    Especially when it is a dear friend.  One who I…

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JUST AS YOU ARE SESSION — by Janet Pliszka

There is something so magical about not staging anything for a photo shoot. Having both the family I’m photographing and myself know that I’m just capturing their family as is.  Just playing, connecting and being together.  Drawing, somersaulting, painting fingernails.  Creating music, playing with Daddy’s chain, snuggling with Mom.  Playing…

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Messy Hair – by Janet Pliszka

Messy hair.  Sparkling light.  Warm sun.  New discoveries. How many times I would look up and see her tangled hair dangling in her face as she discovered something new on the beach in New Zealand.    Looking at this picture just gives me a feeling of warmth, contentment and love.  Oh, to…

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LITTLE BROTHER by Janet Pliszka

Only a year and a half ago I met this family for a walk through Prince’s Island Park as they were expecting their first baby.  Their little girl is a sweetheart and keeps them on their toes as she is active, active, active!!!     Now they are celebrating baby number two.  Admittedly, a…

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Here in Calgary, a dose of sun soaking up into our skin is on order for everyone.   So I thought I’d share a pic of a feel-good image from New Zealand.  Just imagine yourself on a beach, hardly a cloud in the sky, sand sifting through your toes and the…

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We are just as excited as these two to welcome a new baby into their family tomorrow!!!   Can’t wait to meet the little one and feel all the love in a few days. Love Janet and Amy  

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Lots of photo in this post as I hope you’ll smile as much as me looking at all these colourful and bright images.  I first met this incredibly fun family as I watched dad carve a kangaroo into his Halloween pumpkin at a neighbourhood party.  By that time they had already been…

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Oooh, how I love photographing a new space I’ve never used before.  This is The Aero Space Museum in the NE of Calgary.  I’ve wanted to photograph there for a long time and the opportunity came up this winter for our friends.  There was very little light in the actual museum so we moved to the next door…

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Sweet Holiday Baby by Janet Pliszka

This precious little one, who arrived just before Christmas, is surrounded by so much love.   As number 4, she has three older siblings that just adore her.  They are so gentle and lovely around her, bringing me stuffies and giving ideas of how we can photograph their younger sister.  These kids melt my heart,…

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Throughout my seven years as a professional photographer I have been asked numerous times about teaching photography.   Well, an idea related directly to this has brewing in my mind and heart for a couple years. You know how much I adore kids.  And yes, of course, I adore photography.  And you may not know this,…

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