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Janet Pliszka:

Squeeeeezed Together – Janet Pliszka

I’ve photographed this family since this sweet little girl was just a few days old.  And what a beautiful evening we had for our 4th yearly shoot.  Look at the colours!!  Calgary has had such a stunning, long fall this year. This first image melts my heart.   Dad adoring his little…

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A 10 MINUTE BREAK! by Janet Pliszka

This is the craziest possible time of year for a photographer.  Shoots, edits, and all the other stuff that goes into running your own business.   Truly, I would love to clone myself right this minute.  Actually scratch that.  Clone myself from 10 days ago before I tweaked my back and…

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Back in February I was lucky enough to meet these two sweethearts and their older sister.  It’s actually one of my favourite newborn pictures I’ve ever taken.  To me, it just oozes with love, security and togetherness.   That one second, and it was literally just that, that will bring those emotions and feelings…

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YOU JUST NEVER KNOW!!! Janet Pliszka

I was all smiles yesterday as I took a drive out to Cochrane Ranche for a morning shoot.  The mountains looked stunning with their recent dollop of snow and it just felt right to be out enjoying this gorgeous fall we are having. And then I met these 3 cuties!  …

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There has been quite the run of baby boys over the past few weeks!   I think this is my 9th newborn baby boy in a row and he couldn’t have been a more lovely baby to work with.   Soon after I walked in, Mom and Dad were saying “I’m sorry, Janet,…

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MY FRIEND LORAINE by Janet Pliszka

I’ve know Loraine since grade 2.   Waaaay back in Longview School.  I can actually still remember her phone number from way back then. Together we’ve been through 11 years of grade school, music festivals, choir, Longview school fairs, spelling bee on TV, the big move to the high school, all the boy stuff, and…

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