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Janet Pliszka:


We love winter babies!  Cozying up with a family celebrating the arrival of a new baby is a favourite thing for us to do over the winter months.   To help share the joy, we are offering a winter newborn special for families looking to capture these brand new moments! There are two…

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I was so lucky to have travelled to Denmark at the beginning of December.  I visited my dear, dear friends who lived in our neighbourhood for three years.   I took loads of pictures of their family during my stay there and I can’t wait to share them with you.  This particular…

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An unbreakable bond between grandma and her grandkids.   Her grandchildren are sitting at the table and chairs her daughters used to sit at years ago.  Same table and chairs.  Different generation.  Same love. These three spend many full days together and their mom wanted to capture some of their reading, playing, dancing and…

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SNEAK PEEK by Janet Pliszka

This was taken after a beautiful drive on the back roads to Turner Valley to meet one of my favourite families a couple weeks ago.   Add a yummy grilled cheese, chai latte and lovely heartfelt chats with Shauna to a morning with her lovelies and that makes a perfect day for…

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THOSE CHEEKS!! by Janet Pliszka

You cannot help but fall in love this with sweetie the second you meet him.   We had a fun start to our session back in September with this most adorable little man.  Little by little he got more and more sleepy til he actually fell right asleep during our shoot!

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I’ve been getting in trouble from my aunt (Amy’s mom) about not seeing any posts from me on the blog. She’s not a facebooker so she doesn’t see any of the images we share there.  It’s the time of year where I’m barely breathing and so I don’t get a lot…

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