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Spring Blossoms Just Around the Corner!!

  There are lots of beautiful ideas for the cherry blossoms.   Where I shoot is a beautiful combination of the flowers and stunning sandstone so there is always lots of variety within your gallery.   Here are just some ideas of what we could do…. a family shoot with…

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Just for Moms

oh, Mom. so much emotion connected with that one word, isn’t there?   Being a mom, I’ve heard that word “Mom” said in so many different times … in a loving way, a frustrated way, a panicked way, a relieved way, an angry way, a caring way. With all those…

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Summer Photography Camp for Kids

I’m just so, so, so excited about this post!!  I’m going to take you back to my childhood for a minute… If I go back to when I was 11, I had a small little camera I would use.   I remember using up way more film than my mother…

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Holiday Mini Sessions!!!

A simple, cozy, hygge-inspired holiday shoot is coming your way!!   This year, I am so pleased to share that the very talented Lynn from Chemistry Events is helping design our photo setup.  Think cozy, natural, understated elements that complement the true stars of the show… you and your loved…

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Fall Sessions!!

Oh how I have loved summer but I must admit I always look forward to jeans and boots and cozy sweaters!!!   And I don’t think I will have to wait long.  It’s just around the corner.  I don’t just love this time of year for spiced lattes, cool morning…

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Spring Blossom Sessions

SPRING BLOSSOM SESSIONS ARE ON NOW! oh my goodness, I LOVE this time of year so, so much! Everyone has a skip in their step, the days are longer, the temperatures are higher and….. there are the blossoms that I love so much!! I just wish they stayed longer.  I…

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

It’s true! Girls just wanna have fun! So last night Hailey and I invited a couple of the neighbourhood girls over to do a photo shoot.  They rocked it!!! This is SUCH a fun idea to do.  Contact me if you’d like to have your own ‘friendship shoot’!!   For…

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Honouring Mom 10 Years Later

Double digits.  How did we hit double digits?   Somehow it’s been 10 years since that morning with the most empty sounding ring of the telephone. As this milestone was approaching, I had a huge desire to celebrate my mother in a special way.   So here I am writing…

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Grandparents Day — September 10th!

Photos with grandparents are some of the most precious.   Here Amy and I are enjoying a bevvie with our Grandad a few years ago. This is a moment I will treasure for many years to come.  His binoculars, the scotch, Amy’s expression, our laughing… a perfect afternoon.   Grandad is turning 99 on…

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