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BIG ROCK – by Janet Pliszka

Everytime I drive home to Longview where I grew up, I pass by a moment in time.  10,000 years ago when this landmark chose ice as its mean of transportation across the Foothills.    I don’t blame it for asking to be deposited in this beautiful area of the prairies looking out at the Rockies beyond.   Many of us know Big Rock as a beer but for those of us who grew up in this area of the province it’s this historic spot we used as our last backdrop for a photo shoot.  I’ve been wanting to have a shoot here for years and was so happy when a client suggested we go here as it was one of her favourite places growing up.    And with two young boys ready for climbing and adventure it couldn’t be more perfect.

I loved talking with her boys about videography, skiing, hair styles, Fernie and even the mention of girls got a pretty sweet smile from them.   They were patient with my search for the perfect spots as the sun was showing no mercy that morning.  They were both sociable, sweet with their mom, polite, fun, interested and interesting.   I think their mom should be pretty darn proud of these two young men!!


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