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Through my photography I have realized how much I love to share and teach.  I get so excited about ideas, events, partnerships and workshops. I often have a million ideas in my head, stick post-it notes all over the place and go to bed much later than I should.   Collaborating with others who are as excited about an idea as I am makes me as happy as Calgarians enjoying beautiful September days this year.

I also love hearing people share and teach.  To be honest, I don’t think everyone can teach.  Someone can be amazing at what they do but that doesn’t equate to them being amazing at teaching it. To me a good teacher is someone who can clearly convey a concept, apply it in a practical way and then inspire those listening to take it a step further.

A teacher that I adore and drool over has invited me to speak at her conference.  Kim Page Gluckie is an expert, and I mean E-X-P-E-R-T,  at marketing small businesses.  And she is fabulous at presenting those concepts to those who attend her workshops and conferences.   And yes, I’ll be joining her and other fabulous ladies at the Spiritwood Retreat Centre in Priddis on October 6th.  Sure my stomach starts doing a couple flips when I think of standing up in front of people rather than collaborating over a chai latte in the studio.   But that’s okay!  I’m excited that my friend has slipped this opportunity right in front of me to share my ideas, knowledge and energy with you.

I invite you to join us. Look at the people who are going to be there sharing their ideas and concepts! If I wasn’t speaking at it I would definitely be going to it!!  (and yes I use exclamation marks when I get excited!!)  Here’s the link to the event.

Join us and I promise you’ll be the one going home with a million ideas in your head, sticking post-it notes all over the place and going to bed later than you should.






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