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My daughter is a baker.  She has been she was just tiny, tiny, tiny.  She is in the kitchen constantly.  She’s creating things.  Changing up recipes.   Experimenting.   Sharing her treats with friends and family.   And yes, making quite the mess along the way (I think she comes by it honestly with myself as her mom!!)

My daughter is also an artist.   She has been she was just little, little, little.  She doodles everywhere.   She loves collecting beautiful markers.  She makes up creative challenges.  Watches youTube for new ideas.

So combining her two biggest loves into one is a no-brainer.   And that’s what happens when she creatively decorates her cakes, cupcakes, cookies and doughnuts.   So when she hear about a new DIY cake decorating studio, she asked if she could celebrate her 14th birthday there.

Having her birthday party at Cakeify Studio was a huuuuuuuge hit.  Cakeify Studio is a relatively new idea in Calgary.  It’s a Do-It-Yourself cake (and cookie!) decorating studio.  You enter their friendly space and everything is there for you.  An in-house baked cake (that is delish!!), in-house made buttercream icing, fondant, tools and fun embellishments to make your own customized cakes.   And the ladies there are helping you if you need help with an idea you have.   They patiently waited as the girls chose their colours and decorations, happily answered the girls questions of how to do this and how to do that and gave ideas to those who didn’t know where or how to start!!   Everyone was just soooo into their cake, even though they were nervous to begin.  And they were so proud to take their artsy creations home and I heard from everyone that it was delicious.  Hailey, our daughter, is celiac and the GF cake was just excellent.  Of course, you can just have their experts make and decorate the cake for you.  I love going in and looking at their seriously amazing creations.  You wouldn’t even think they were cakes!!!  And you can also attend their special classes… I see that have Caked Terraniums, a 2 Tier Fondant and Wafer Paper Flowers coming up in February.  I think Hailey would love to add paper flowers to her list of skills!!

Cakeify is currently doing an ATB Boostr Campaign.  It’s a little like a kickstarter campaign.   They are trying to raise money to purchase equipment that will make their studio that much better!   If they raise their funding goal, they receive all their raised funds.  If they don’t, that all the funds are returned.  (insert sad face!!!)   You can make a “Boost” with or without a reward.    And the rewards are so fun including a “Seriously Buttercream Class” or a “Hungry Sampler” where they make the cake pops for you.  There’s even a Date over Cake reward where you and your loved one can have an unique evening together and eat cake later!!

So please help this unique (Calgary-born!) idea reach their goal.  Here’s the link!

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