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One of my favourite things to do is talk about people’s businesses.  I absolutely love sitting down with someone who owns their business and seriously think about how to grow or make changes or have more balance in their lives.  To collobarate and come up with solutions and new ideas is like a being a kid in a candy store for me.  And perhaps I’m biased as I’m a photographer but I always say how critical it is to have a solid personal brand for their business.  There are many components to a successful personal brand but certainly one of them is how you appear to others.  So having a professionally taken image makes all the difference in the world for shaping people’s first impression of you.  I’m happy to share three women’s businesses with you and the images we came up with to reflect their businesses.

Here is Nadine from http://nadinenicholson.com/ an internationally credited coach.  I love talking to Nadine as she is so full of passion for what she does.  We were talking the other day about a workshop she attended and I loved hearing both what she was saying and how she was saying it.  She was so enthusiastic and excited to learn and apply her new found skills.  We wanted to make sure her pictures showed her personality and professionalism and we’re super happy with the results!  Take a look at her website to see how they were incorporated into her website.

This is Dawn from http://www.ancientaspirations.com/    Dawn approached me for an author photo for a book she will have published in the spring.  Very exciting times!!!   A lot of Dawn’s work is centered around reflection.  I really wanted that to come out in the photographs… having her look into the light is very reflective of her self branding and I love how it turned out (plus her eyes look amazing!!)And this is Suzanne, from the beautiful town of Gibsons, BC.  from http://suzannedoyleingram.com/  She thought it was VERY chilly here when we got her photos done in Calgary… I guess I did have to photoshop snow out of her hair as it started falling when we were doing the outdoor shots.    The two of us could talk FOREVER so I’m not sure how we actually got any photos taken.  Ha Ha!   From a business standpoint, Suzanne helps women business owners grow their revenues, simple as that.  She is also one of the experts on the IAMPTE panel as well.

Let me know if you’re interested in any getting professional portraits for your business.   It is so important to portray your business in a professional manner.  and often it is an image of yourself on that website that will give that first impression!


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  1. Fawna Bews February 25, 2011 Reply

    These are awesome, awesome Janet- I need a new one- with my long flowing hair.

  2. Suzanne February 25, 2011 Reply

    Thanks for posting my pictures on here Janet. That was such a fun shoot and I'm so happy with the photos. You are amazing. Thank you!!

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