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Calgary Family Photography – Janet Pliszka

I have to admit I’m pretty proud of myself with this shoot.  I managed to convince Mom and Dad to be IN the photos this year.  We have some gorgeous pictures of these very fun kids over the past few years, but it’s always just been the two of them.   Add in Mom and Dad and we get the sweetest mom and daughter kiss.  We get a picture of a sweet boy that would be a completely different image without his dad’s protective arm around him.  We get running, jumping, playing rock band and a picture overlooking where they were married.   And we get lots of laughter and jokes along the way.  With this particular crowd, there would be no other way!

Another thing I love about this family are how generous they are with the surrounding community.   Jina works super, super hard on the neighbourhood’s gala event Indulge, which brings together culinary treats, beers and wines from around the area.  It’s coming up on May 25th this year so book your babysitters!!!   Paul owns Fresh Kitchen which serves up a crazy wide selection of flavourful meals to go.  They have my favourite strawberry, spinach and pecan and goat cheese salad there, Harold’s favourite selection of yummy drinks,  muffins and treats, coffees… you have every meal covered here!    Plus, I put together a beautiful basket of yummy, delectable snacks and cheese accompanients for my Dad for Christmas which I’m pretty sure is long gone by now!!  And Fresh Kitchen’s 4 course Valentine Meal for Two is one of the prizes in our Share the Love contest this year.   Take a peek here to see how to win a delicious meal for two to have at home on the 14th!

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