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Hello Yellow!

For the past many summers I have always wanted to do shoots in a canola field.  I would stare longingly at the summer light over the sea of yellow.   And then the busy summer would fly by and the crops of yellow would all be gone.  Well this year I’ve made sure it will happen, thanks to a junior high school friend from some years back. Just last night I went the field she so generously offered as a backdrop to these pictures to test it out.   Oh how I loved what I saw!  Here are some of Jen and her sweet kiddos whom I met for the first time.  The love of these three will truly be etched in my mind for a long time.  I just loved their giggles, snuggles and kisses.  They gave me goosebumps on more than one occasion!

And I got some of my kiddos as well!   They may need to be ‘countrified’ a bit more though.  You wouldn’t be able to tell I actually am from a ranching background with my kids struggling to get past the barb wire fence and complaining about the dirt and thistles!!   Love the experience though as all of us learned about canola!!    And here’s a bit of a fun game.  For anyone who would like to have a shoot and can answer the question “how do you know when canola seeds are ready for harvest”, they’ll get their sitting fee for $150 (rather than $225!)

The canola fields will only be around for a couple weeks so please get a hold of me right away if you are interested!   I have the canola fields but also am thinking of adding in a red wooden bar stool and gorgeous wooden chairs if anyone would like those too!

Can’t wait!

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