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Sitting up! Growing up!

One of the things I cherish most with my family photography is seeing families grow.   I have photographed this little one’s older brothers for a number of years, so what a treat to see her again ten months after her own newborn shoot.  Every newborn I photograph receives a complimentary…

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Introducing our Wall Art Collection

To hear families say “That’s soooo us!!  Thank you!” is the best praise I can be given.   My intention with every shoot I go to is to tell the real, true story about the family I photograph.   It can be challenging to pick just one image that depicts your family from your session.   It’s often a collection of images that…

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NEWBORN SESSION by Janet Pliszka

I photographed this big brother 4 years ago when he was as little as his baby brother.  What a treat to go back to capture their family again last month!   Chatting together, drinking tea, giving Neely their dog some great pets, and of course taking photos of all of their…

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5,000 miles for love

5,147 kilometres. That is the farthest distance traveled to meet this baby girl. This baby girl whose smile lit up the room. This little girl was hoped for, wished for, prayed for – and she finally came. A baby girl who inspired family to travel over 5000 miles to celebrate…

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MOMS by Janet Pliszka

The way this grandma adored and loved her granddaughter reminded me very clearly of my own mom with my daughter Hailey.   Just pure adoration and love.  That’s all that is needed for the bonds to form and be there forever.   Hailey takes piano lessons at Sonia’s Forte Music Studio   and I was…

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THOSE CHEEKS!! by Janet Pliszka

You cannot help but fall in love this with sweetie the second you meet him.   We had a fun start to our session back in September with this most adorable little man.  Little by little he got more and more sleepy til he actually fell right asleep during our shoot!

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