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DANSKE VENNER – Janet Pliszka

It’s very clear in my mind the first time I met this next family.  It was in the ‘big park’, as the kids now call it.  Harold and I only had Hailey at the time.   She was playing in the rocks and close to her was the blondest little boy.  They started playing together and we started chatting with their mom, a sweet lady with a sweet accent.  Her husband soon joined her and we discovered they had just moved from Denmark and were living around the corner from us.  We spent lots of time together and had a wonderful time getting to know each others families. Our eldest children have a special friendship that leaves me with tears rolling down my cheeks.   I think I have this little dream in my head that when they’re older they’ll travel together, fall in love and we’ll have little blonde grandchildren with really big green eyes.

We had a crazy three years together, a busy fun stage in our lives.   Kids growing up together, potlucks on the front lawn, beer nights, wine nights, trips to the mountains, conversation after conversation after conversation.   Simple things in life that just bring you close. Those times were woven with some of the scariest and saddest experiences weve had. We navigated the waters of parenthood, heart surgery for their 5 day old, punctured lung times two for the dad, losing my mom, moving back home.   Those things in life that bring you even closer.

Many people in the neighbourhood remember the sad day they all piled into the black taxi and wove goodbye as they headed back to Denmark.

It was like they had never left, as we saw them pile out of that same black taxi a week and a bit ago. Conversation after conversation after conversation we have caught up again. They had some family time up in Banff this week and we decided that would be the perfect backdrop for their Canadian shoot. And here are a few of my favorites.

I can’t wait for their next family shoot ….in the streets of Copenhagen!!!

Jeg elsker dig alle!!


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