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For this post, I decided to write a short letter to a sweet boy named Henry.  He has a twin brother Owen, an older brother Magnus and a mom and dad who fall into ‘some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet’ category.  Little Henry will be having his third open heart surgery tomorrow in his 16 months.

The boys’ parents have a blog www.halandjillsfamily.blogspot.ca that documents their journey.  It’s not only a place for family and friends to be updated but a place for families who are going through the same experiences to relate to another family’s story.  It’s a positive place for them to be when they are feeling so much worry and angst.  Jill and Hal welcome families who are on this same journey to contact them.   They are such generous, loving and positive people.   These three boys are learning about life and love by the best.

Dear Henry,

Hello strong boy!   Right now you are getting ready for a surgery up in Edmonton.  You are being taken care of by some of the best doctors and nurses there are for little ones.  There are many, many people thinking about you and praying for a strong recovery.   You are such a warrior.  A strong, sweet boy who has given your mom and dad so many reasons to love you with all of their might.

Your mommy and daddy are so amazing.  Ever since I first met them I felt their HUGE love for Magnus and the excitement for the arrival of two new babies.  One being you!!   And once you and Owen arrived their love expanded even more!    You and your brothers have given so much joy to your mom and dad.

You know, you have been through a lot for an one and half year old boy.   You’ll have a lot of stories to tell when you’re older about what a fighter you are.   Stronger than any super hero in fact.   And I think lots of that strength comes from your mom and dad and all their wonderful friends and family.  What you’ve been through would cause worry for any mommy or daddy.   Your parents have had some breakdown moments I am sure (because it’s good to cry if you need to..even super heroes) but they are so amazing in their outlook.  They are strong, positive, practical, supportive, and appreciative.   All because they have three gorgeous sweet boys they love more than anything in this world.  (even more than your very fun sandbox)   You, sweet Henry, are learning about life, love and what truly matters in this world from the very best.

I’m thinking of you and your family.

Be strong tomorrow!




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  1. Cathy November 7, 2012 Reply

    Be strong Henry, lovely letter Janet.
    Makes me think if our little Daniel up in Edmonton
    5 years ago. And look how good his heart is now!!

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