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don't it sound so sweet …

The lyric, “damn, don’t it sound so sweet ...’ would come to mind each day that I entered my apartment, temporarily infused with the love, creativity and positive vibes of the Nomadic Massive Crew. Through happenstance, a few provincial and international borders, and ‘putting things out to there‘, I came to host one of my favourite bands as they ventured out to western Canada to tour the summer folk festivals. I wrote of them briefly here, but in addition to being able to join them on stage we did a photo-shoot in and around my Bankview apartment. It was, hands-down, one of my favourite photo shoots to date. For so many reasons … some of which include the colours, the presence and personality of these fine gentleman, the cypher they did in my living room (cypher = freestyle/spontaneous rap), the fact that it WAS in my living room, the texture and backdrop of the parkade, the ease of it … the energy they left behind, so many reasons. But as I nervously prepared for the shoot, one thing I noticed was that musicians almost categorically look serious in their images … but, with a little bit of charm and determination, I was able to shine the light on their smiles and fill my camera with love. Until next time Nomads, bienvenue encore.

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  1. Janelle Awe October 10, 2013 Reply

    Awesome images! I'm in love with all of them! Perfect light and compositions...

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