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Exploring Kananaskis

Oh my goodness… I love to shoot in Calgary’s stunning backyard.  It’s been said over and over, but truly we are so fortunate to have a place like this just an hour’s drive away from the city.   My family had stumbled upon this little oasis earlier in the summer, enjoying the mountains, forest, hundreds of tadpoles, and walk around the lake.   I knew I wanted to shoot here, so I made a pop-up special for this location.  This is the first of 3 families who is taking up the special.

What a delight it was to explore Wedge Pond with this family.   I was learning lots about nature from the little boy!!!  What a wealth of knowledge he is!  And mom, well… she was just as excited about the frogs and tadpoles making their way into frogs as I was!  Dad was enjoying all his snuggles his darling daughter, while she was just giving me the sweetest expressions all morning long.

I hope to be up in the mountains more and more taking more family photographs.  Connect with me if you’d like to have a family adventure captured there!!

(And check out our pop up specials here.  They change regularly so you’ll never know what may POP up!!)


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