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Fall Sessions are Booking Now!



Did you feel it?   That crisp feeling in the air this morning!  There’s a shift going on and as sad as it is knowing a fun summer is coming to a close we also welcome the beautiful colours of the fall!

Here is what we have available for the fall.
Full Session 
1-2 hour session on a date that works best for you at a location of your choice.  These sessions allow loads of time for just being together with your family and capturing gorgeous moments.  We have lots of suggestions for locations and we’ll have in-depth discussions with you to determine what and where is best for your family.

Our calendars are starting to fill up with clients already asking about this season’s availability, so please contact us soon to get the best choice of dates still up for grabs!

Janet:   $250 sitting fee plus minimum $400 print purchase
Amy:    $200 sitting fee plus minimum $400 print purchase

Petite Session Days  
This year, we’ve decided to add a couple more days of Petite Sessions earlier in the season.   The light in September is beyond gorgeous and temperatures are still mild, so it is a perfect choice for your family photos.

A Petite Session is a 20 minute session on specific dates at specified locations.   We choose locations that have a lot of options in a small area and that are easily accessible.   These shoots are more fast-paced as we book multiple families on one day at the same location.   You receive 15-20 images in your gallery and have three collections to choose from.  Fall Petite Sessions are one of our most popular Petite Sessions so it’s advised to book early.   Clients continue to remark on how they are so impressed so many gorgeous images can be captured in such a short amount of time.

Janet:   $145 sitting fee plus required collection purchase, starting at $550
Amy:    $125 sitting fee plus required collection purchase, starting at $500


September 5th       North Glenmore Park
September 20th     Sandy Beach
September 26th     Griffith Woods
September 27th     Baker Park (other side of river from Bowness Park)
October 4               North Glenmore Park

August 29th      Urban Funk Location
September 12   North Glenmore Park
September 13   Sandy Beach
September 19   North Glenmore Park
September 26   North Glenmore Park

We look forward to seeing you this fall!   Please call us at 403-252-7971 or email us to ask more about your fall session!

Janet and Amy

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