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Fall Sessions – Booking Now!

I guess it really is true that time goes more quickly as you get older … knowing that one of the kids who entered Janet’s KPA Photo Contest counted her age as 10.75 years old, I wish we could stretch out the time to how it felt when we were 10.75, or 5 and 3/4. But having said that, time marches on and with that, we know that Fall will be here before we know it.   With the gorgeous colours of fall and people thinking about meaningful holiday gifts, our fall sessions book up very quickly.  We gave first dibs to our loyal clients, but we still have some sessions available – we do recommend booking early to ensure the best choice of days for your fall photo session.

There are two options for you to consider:

1)  Full Session:  1-2 hour session on a date that works best for you at a location of your choice.  These sessions allow loads of time for just being together with your family and capturing gorgeous moments.  There are loads of beautiful locations to choose from and we’ll have in-depth discussions with you to determine what and where is best for your family.

Janet:   $225 sitting fee plus minimum $400 print purchase
Amy:    $175 sitting fee plus minimum $400 print purchase

2) Petite Session Days:  a 20 minute session on dates that we choose at the specified locations.  These shoots are more fast-paced as we book multiple families on one day at the same location.   You receive approximately 15 images in your gallery and have three collections to choose from.  Fall Petite Sessions have been our most popular over the past year and we have had loads of fun at them.  Clients continue to remark on how they are so impressed so many gorgeous images can be captured in such a short amount of time.

Janet:   $145 sitting fee plus required collection purchase, starting at $550
Amy:    $125 sitting fee plus required collection purchase, starting at $500


September 27th  St Andrews Heights

September 28th  Griffith Woods

October 2   North Glenmore Park


September 27th  North Glenmore Park

September 28th  Amy is scouting out a new location!

October 3rd   WeaselHead

October 5th    North Glenmore Park


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