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It’s one of my words.  You know how you narrow down a huge number of words to five or six that describe who you are, what you stand for and what you value in your life?   For me, adventure is one of them.   And that’s right beside another word, family.  As much as I can combine those two together, I do.   More and more, as my kids get older and older, we have been going out on more adventures.  To photograph these adventures of my family is a favourite activity of mine.  I get complete joy out of it.

I’ve been asking myself, why stop there?   There are so many families out there who value adventure and exploration and nature and outdoors and fun and discovery as much as I do.   Let’s capture this love for families too!  So everyone in their family can be in the pictures.

I have been inviting families to consider this idea over the past few months.  So when this young family asked if they could do one of their favourite family hikes for their photo shoot, I was beyond thrilled.   So off to Kananaskis we went one gorgeous Sunday morning.  I spent three hours with them not only enjoying their company but watching and documenting them enjoying each other’s company.  It was perfect and loved every moment of it.

If any families would like to have an adventure with me, please share your idea with me.  I would so love to just tag along with your family to document what you love doing together!   I’m good for a hike, a canoe, a horse ride, or a camping trip.  And with winter approaching I’m all for a snowshoe or a cross country ski or a toboggan ride.  I have a couple families already booked for a skating party on a pond in the forest when the ice freezes this winter!   So share your idea with me and let’s see what we can create together.

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When we got to the rock climbing area, the kids just starting going for it!  Up and up they went!   I just loved how having a 6 month old doesn’t hinder them at all… he’s right there with them watching his older brother and sister enjoy all the wonders being outdoors brings them.


And although we know “Life Is a Journey, Not a Destination”, here is Troll Falls!    We had hoped to make it here and we did after all our fun adventures and discovery along the way.  This is a fabulous hike to take a young family on as there is so much to explore along the way, it is very flat and then there is a fabulous waterfall at the end!


Thank you to this family for a day I just loved!


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  1. Ladensembjetve October 27, 2015 Reply

    Beautiful photos! Looks like it was a fun family day!

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