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I am a huge Flames fan.  I have been for decades now.  When I was young, I used to get the paper and cut out the pictures and teeny, tiny scores from all the games and put them in my Flames scrapbook.    So of course, like most Calgarians, I am very excited to see them in the playoffs this year.  And I just had a thought to make it a little more fun!

This is the scoop.

For every Flames game in the Flames and Vancouver series, Visual Hues Photography will give an additional 10% off their sitting fees for each and every Flames goal scored in the game.

You must book and pay the sitting fee the very next day through email, phone or facebook messaging. 

As an example…

1 Flames goal   10% off sitting fee

2 Flames goals  20% off sitting fee and so on and so on!

Let’s hope they don’t score 10 goals one game!  Or if they do and we’re giving out session fees for free, Vancouver better have 9 goals or less that game!

So join in the fun and spread the word about our own version of GO FLAMES GO!!!


So remember:

– 10% off sitting fees for each goal Calgary scores

– must be booked with Visual Hues Photography the very next day (including payment)

– photography session must take place at some point in 2015.




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