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GOOD VIBES – Janet Pliszka

There are so many rewards that go along with being a family and kids photographer.  This profession is so challenging in many aspects and I am very lucky to have the positives far outweigh all the hard work and devotion it requires.  One of these rewards is meeting the most amazing people.  I have met so many crazy awesome people through my job that I am at times overwhelmed by all the goodness I have had the honour of being a part of.

One of those is the lady and her sweet girl in this shoot.  The mom is a guest blogger for RentFrockRepeat, a very very cool business where you can rent designer gowns for your special occassions!   Definitely check them out … hmmmmm maybe we should have a fun weekend where we all get dressed up and get gorgeous pictures of ourselves in our designer gowns!!!   Just thought of that as I was writing!!!

Anyway, she found about me and my business through another lady (she can also go into the amazing people I have met category I was just referring to!) who was so kind to introduce us.   Even through the first few words on an email, we hit it off.   She visited the studio and we chatted over Phil & Sebastian bevvies where I blabbed on and on and on and somehow she took my thoughts and responses that were all over the place  and eloquently wrote a blog that made me feel pretty darn proud.   Here is the link to their blog post. 

Her daughter is just as gracious, fun, beautiful, interesting and interested as her mom.   The photo shoot was soooo fun… good vibes flowing every which way!  I was blown away by her maturity that was interwoven with the fun of just being a girl!!!!    I truly fell in love with them both and so grateful that I was able to have crossed paths with two more amazing people.   And THAT is what I so love not just about my photography, but about life.







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