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Haiti, once again


here are a few more images from my trip to Haiti. To contextualize, I worked in Haiti for a humanitarian organization after the 2010 earthquake … Haiti was on people’s radars for months as the media streamed images of suffering, destruction and unbearable misery. This, to add on to the already negative imagery of the ‘poorest country in the western hemisphere’ as it is so relentlessly referred to. I’ve worked in many countries over the last few years to support development or humanitarian projects, but no country came even close to getting into my heart the way Haiti did. And continues to do. I returned this past February to the beloved island to visit my friends, to go to carnival ( a CELEBRATION of life, colour and music) and to see what changes have unfolded in the past few months. And once again, Haiti got in deeper …

I suppose in some small way, if I can,  I’d like to debunk some of the negative myths about Haiti and if I can use this as a forum to do so I surely will. It is just so much more than it is pigeon-holed to be. The words I constantly use to describe it: Strong. Proud. Fierce. Soulful. Rich.

These are some images of one particular family that is in my heart. One of my former colleagues introduced me to his family after I humbly discovered that he’d named his little baby girl after me … Amy, or ti-Amy (ti – meaning petite or little). I don’t know that I’ve known a greater honour.

This is a family, just as any family you’d find in Canada, Iceland, Swaziland or China. A family that works hard to provide for their children, a family that loves. A family with faith and community. Parents who worry about their children’s education and opportunities. Mothers who adore their children. Fathers who fiercely and lovingly protect their daughters. Sisters who fight or tease or play together. Family.

And that sentiment is what is at the heart of Visual Hues. Connecting people and families. And maybe, just one photo-shoot at a time … there is room to embrace the connectedness and familiarity among all of us. No matter where we come from. And maybe, just maybe, someone will see these photos and have a changed perception about that beloved island in the Caribbean.


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