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Today is my birthday!!   And I’m turning 44.  Happy Birthday to Me! It’s a bit of a surreal feeling thinking I am ‘this’ old.  How can I be officially in my mid-forties?!?  How it could be 26 years since I graduated from high school,  20 years since I started my adventures in Japan, 13 years since I got married and almost 10 years since I held Hailey in my arms for the first time?  The years do indeed pass by with a flurry. Each day may bring a different challenge and emotion from the one previous but overall I have filled all those years with adventure and love and friends and family and creativity.  And for that I am happy and grateful and content.


Photography has been a big part of half those years.  I took lots of pictures of ranch animals and pets when I was young but my love for it and dedication to it grew substantially as I started travelling in my early twenties.  To help celebrate all these years, I thought of 44 reasons why now is the perfect time for you to get a photo shoot done with this “no-getting-around-being-mid-40s-anymore” lady!

  1. You want to celebrate love, friends, and family too!
  2. Your big kid got their braces off
  3. Your little kid just lost their first tooth
  4. Your baby is starting to walk
  5. One of your ‘babies’ is off to university in September
  6. Your tan is looking awesome
  7. Your tanned husband is looking pretty sweet himself
  8. There’s a brand new little one in your life
  9. The feisty kid who likes to give herself haircuts … her bangs just grew back in!
  10. Your new baby is starting to smile
  11. You’re in your mid-40s too and you are feeling amazing!
  12. Grandma and Grandpa are visiting
  13. The most recent pic of your husband and yourself is from your wedding day and that was in the 1900’s.
  14. You really want a kick-butt holiday card this year
  15. You’ve always wanted beautiful photos together with your girlfriends
  16. You just bought your first motorcycle
  17. Having a “morning in the life” of your family documented would be treasured forever
  18. Your walls are looking darn bare
  19. Attitude is everything… and your kids have loads to show off!
  20. Your i-phone photos just aren’t cutting it anymore
  21. You have a new puppy
  22. Your dog is getting older
  23. Your 6 month old is a giggler
  24. You feel sad you’re not in any of the family photographs because you’re always taking them
  25. Summer camping and roasting marshmallows photos would be sooooo fun!
  26. The grass is still green
  27. August and September light is stunning
  28. You have the cutest pony ever
  29. You are at your most relaxed with your family at the cottage
  30. Any excuse to hug and cuddle your kiddos
  31. Hanging out in the backyard is a perfect backdrop for your family photos
  32. Your selfie skills have boosted your confidence for a wicked business photoshoot that shows you living your brand
  33. You want to make a beautiful photo calendar for 2016
  34. An urban shoot in downtown Calgary would be super fun and super YOU!
  35. #yyc … nothing compares to how you live and love in this city.
  36. Your mother-in-law has been bugging you for an updated family photo for a couple years now
  37. You have a dress you’re dying to show off
  38. Because freckles are awesome
  39. You have the perfect quilt to use in a family photograph
  40. You want a shoot done with rubber boots and umbrellas with 30cm of rain in a Calgary street
  41. Your little one just learned how to skateboard
  42. You think this foundation of an old church is super cool!
  43. This Janet birthday gal has 10 years of professional photo experience, hundreds of shoots behind her and a whole lot of fun to share with you!
  44. My bday gift is to give you a $44 print credit and a complimentary lesson from Kids Photography Academy

To receive your gift, be sure to contact me at janetp@visualhues.com before the end of the weekend (August 9th at 11:59pm) to receive a $44 print credit and a complimentary lesson from Kids Photography Academy.   I’ll get back to you the following week to discuss when and where to have your photo shoot!

Please note sessions must be paid for by August 14th to receive the free gift.   Applicable to new bookings only.

Have a wonderful day!!!   Photo credit to Harold Pliszka during our visit to St. Lucia in July 2015.



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