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Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mama, Penny ♥

Happy birthday to my Mum – an exemplary figure of strength, shutz-pah, perseverance and fierce loyalty and love. A ‘mama bear’ to the end – she can feel vibes across oceans and loves our family beyond measure. But also, don’t mess with her. She will love you and support you, sometimes when you thing you might’ve pushed the limits … but she will never give up. She has a tireless energy and, in concert with my Dad, has been known to rescue people from the French river to the plains of the prairies – and she will drive just about as far in between to help a friend, or a friends’ child, or her father, to move. She MOVES mountains, my Mum. And she doesn’t like being called “She”. Fitting, because Mum is so much more than the pronoun … she is Magnificent. Happy Birthday Mum – may good health, frequent visits, strength, relaxation and stoic healthiness continue to drive you this YEAR and for MANY years to come. Lots and lots and lots of love, Amy


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