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I have to admit I do love it when people phone for images for their business and preface it with “I really don’t like having my photo taken”.   I immediately take that as an opportunity (aka … a challenge!!!) to work with that person to make sure their images reflect who they are and what they want reflected about themselves and their business.  So when Mia from White Lotus Interiors gave me a call I was very excited to meet her and go after her vision of  simple, light and natural.  And looking at these images, I wouldn’t say she looks uncomfortable in front of the camera at all!    You look fabulous, Mia!

Please check out her website for White Lotus Interiors.  She’ll have her new images up soon!!!

I love what Mia says about a well designed home …  “It is more than just beautiful. It is one that flows physically, energetically, and aesthetically. It is pleasing to all of the senses, including the subtle ones outside of our immediate awareness.”    I think that can be carried over to images as well…

And by the way, if anyone has some ideas of what  I can name “Corporate Headshots” to not sound so ‘corporate-y’ please let me know!   I’m aiming to put up a new section on my website soon and just don’t love the sound of corporate headshots.

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