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here's to our Mum's …

Here’s to all the mum’s out there. Whose hugs we still need when we’re grown up. Whose voice we’ll always want to hear. Whose wisdom we need to funnel our way as we face life’s challenges. And for the unconditional love – that must be some magic that comes when you have a baby … even a grown-up one. So here’s to my dear friend and her Mum. Celebrating some time together, often separated by the ocean between Canada and Denmark .. for the tea, the hugs, the love, the looks, the laughter (echoed through these images), the touch, the warmth … that only comes, if we’re ever so lucky, from Mum.

So often we focus on photos when the babies are brand new and life is unfolding. But for me, the real gems come when we’re grown, when the lines of love and life etch a fabric of our stories, new generations are born, yet that one relationship remains.  I hope, for my sweet friend and her mum, they will see the light and love that I feel when I see these photos. With love and knus, Amy

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