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Home – by Amy Brathwaite

Home. If we’re lucky a cozy, comfortable, safe space.

And as the images roll in from the devastation in Nepal, where millions of people are now displaced, the concept of ‘home’ resonates again, if we let it.Sometimes it can feel like disasters happen ‘over there’, far away, disconnected from our day to day reality. But in June 2013, a massive flood struck dozens of communities in Southern Alberta and thousands of people were displaced, just like ‘over there’. The extent of displacement varied by family, but for one such family it took almost 16 months to get back into their home. At the time of the flood Janet and I participated in YYC Memories which connected photographers from Southern Alberta with families who were impacted by the flood.

I spent a Saturday morning with this family in High River. We surveyed the water marks on their siding, peered at the now-dry fields around them and visualized the extent of how far the water moved. They had just returned to their home. It was a long, hard time. To be welcomed into their home, to see their children just play … just be, to be free in their home they’d been away from, was relieving – for everyone. The simple freedom to be safe and in your own home again. I wish this family continued peace and comfort as they settle in, to restore their memories, create new ones, and find solace again in the place they call, home.

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