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Honouring Mom 10 Years Later

Double digits.  How did we hit double digits?   Somehow it’s been 10 years since that morning with the most empty sounding ring of the telephone.

As this milestone was approaching, I had a huge desire to celebrate my mother in a special way.   So here I am writing this while wearing her old, cozy, grey sweatshirt, 3 bunches of alstroemeria flowers beside me, black cherry ice cream in the freezer and the thought of making her delicious hamburger soup for dinner.  (although I’m pretty sure that’s not happening now, as I just woke from the deepest 2 hour nap ever).  As I thought hard of how to honour mom, the bringing together of each of our favourite things is what rose to the surface.


Mom was a gardener.  She loved being around plants and flowers.  She worked at a flower shop High River for many years.  For decades before that, her job had been raising 4 children and helping manage a ranch.  A whole different world opened up for her when she started at Perfect Posies.  During our phone calls, she would tell me about all the flowers and the customers and being so excited about figuring out the damn credit card machine.  She then worked at Vale’s Greenhouse in Black Diamond, enjoying the world of getting her hands right into the soil with all the perennials and annuals, the shrubs and trees of that beautiful property.

While mom loved the feelings flowers give people, I love the feeling that photos bring all of us.  Over the years, I have had many people let me know how much their photos mean to them, especially after the passing of a loved one. You think I would have a ton of photos of mom and me.  But nope, I hardly have any of us together as adults.  Yet, I yearn for them.  I believe everyone should have photos of ourselves with our parents.   Even as we get a few more grey hairs and start to join them in the getting wrinkles and getting wiser departments, we need photos together with our moms and dads.

So flowers.  Photographs.  I think we can bring these together with a good dose of kindness mixed in!!    Enter YYC Petal Projects.  It is a non profit initiative that collects pre-loved flowers from wedding, events and businesses.  After their volunteers make smaller bouquets, they are delivered around the city to folks who could use a boost that flowers provide.   Isn’t that amazing?   Within a few minutes of meeting Kendahl, the lovely young lady behind this goodness, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to do to remember mom this year.   It became crystal clear.   Offer adults photographs of them and their parents in exchange for their donation to YYC Petal Projects.  As a volunteer project, they can always use dollars for vases and containers, gas for delivery, as well as marketing pieces to get their message out to Calgarians.  So it was a perfect fit!!

We are still working on the details, trying to find a perfect location and a date that works.   We will have that information out soon.    But know that I will be having a fun day taking photos of you for just a donation to YYC Petal Projects.   I will share this message again with registration details once we get them sorted, but I felt strongly about getting this out today on the 10 year anniversary of her leaving us.   Please send me a note at janetp@visualhues.com, if you’d like me to directly contact you when we have the details sorted.  And I know all of us don’t have our moms and dads still with us.  Feel free to bring anyone who supports you and is there with you all the time.

I know Mom would be very happy to know YYC Petal Projects exists and am sure she would have been one of the kind folks meeting up, chatting and laughing and telling stories as they make these bouquets of kindness.  I hope you’ll join me in spreading these gestures of kindness around our city and at the same time, having a picture that can be treasured for years.

Lots of love,


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  1. Jennifer February 2, 2018 Reply

    Count me in!

  2. Dana Goldstein March 12, 2018 Reply

    You are amazing!!!

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