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Many Canadian families pack up the kids along with skates, sticks and hockey bags every weekend to partake in one of our favourite pasttimes.  I am yet to enter this reality of many, but I think I would be right in there!  Cheering the kids on, visiting with other parents and warming up my hands with hot chocolate while being witness to both their falls and their victories.  We’ll see if it’s in my future before too long.

It’s definitely a reality for this family.   I think their exact words were “Let’s take them at the hockey arena.  It’s practically where we live now.”   I’m so very happy they approached me with this idea for a location.  When families ask where to take their photos I always ask if there is a place that means something to their family.  And if you practically live there, it’s a perfect choice!!!

We had fun going through the Centennial Arena (trying to find some light… which is admittedly a bit challenging in an indoor hockey arena!!) from rink to rink.  I think I even squealed when I saw the HOME sign on the bench, how perfect for a family shoot!!!   We had perfect timing being in the home bench between practices on a busy hockey weekend.

Thanks so such a fun time you guys!


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  1. Elsbeth March 6, 2012 Reply

    Thanks again Janet. The shoot was really fun and the photos came out so well.

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