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JUST AS YOU ARE SESSION — by Janet Pliszka

There is something so magical about not staging anything for a photo shoot. Having both the family I’m photographing and myself know that I’m just capturing their family as is.  Just playing, connecting and being together.  Drawing, somersaulting, painting fingernails.  Creating music, playing with Daddy’s chain, snuggling with Mom.  Playing patty-cake, tickling Dad or just running ’round and ’round and ’round.   It just happens that I’m on the sidelines capturing what I see.

Here is a sample of my first official Just As You Are Session.  I just loved the experience.  And I just love the memories they all have of their everyday life.   Thanks to this sweet family for trusting me to capture their family is.

There will be another session like this to be blogged next week.  If this is how you’d like your family to be captured in photographs please contact us about a Just as You Are session.  With spring here there are many ideas… blowing bubbles, stomping in puddles, taking your dog out for a walk, or planting your garden…… it keeps going on and on and on….



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