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laughter sounds a lot like love.

Last year, I reconnected with my friend after 7 years or so. You may have seen his face here. So you can imagine, I was delighted when he asked me to photograph his family while I was in Ontario in August. I’ve met his siblings before, and have always appreciated how close he is to both his siblings and his parents. And just as our exchanges are often filled with laughter, his family is no different. We’d intended to be outside down by the lake shore on a beautiful summer day in Toronto, but that wind just wouldn’t cooperate. Blasting off of Lake Ontario, it was too much. So instead we made our way to the rooftop lounge of my friend’s place and got some moments of pure joy.

I know we tend to focus on families right when the children are first born. But more and more, I see how priceless it is to have these moments with our families as we grow older. Thanks for letting me in to capture the glimpse of your love. Your beautiful, funny, silly, strong family. ♥

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