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Today, November 11th, I attended the Remembrance Day ceremony at The Military Museum in the morning with my family.  I thought of my grandfather, who so proudly represented Canada in WWII.  I thought of how he met my Granny overseas and together back here in Canada they started the family I would become part of.  I remembered his brother who passed away a few years ago now who was in the RCAF and earned Distinguished Flying Cross and Distinguished Service Order.  And I thought of the so many thousands of others whose stories I do not know, but for whose service and dedication I am eternally grateful.

This afternoon, I had the honour of returning to the museum to take pictures of a family with their 94 year old grandfather and great grandfather who was part of the RCAF in Burma.  Their family was all together and it was a perfect day for photographs.   After taking many family photographs, children started coming up to him and thanking him for his service.  Tears were coming down my face as I continued to take a couple more images of this special moment.

To all veterans and the men and women part of our forces today.  We remember.  We are grateful.  We thank you.  Very much.

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