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I was absolutely honoured, beyond words could ever describe, to be present at this little man’s arrival into Cathy and Dave’s world.  This moment is so dear to parents all over the world… the first time you see your baby.  It could be in the hospital after hours and hours of hard work and anticipation.  It could be after travelling around the world to meet the little one whose picture has been on your fridge for months.    Whatever the situation, it is a day parents recall one of the dearest moments in their lifetimes.  In this case, it was in the comfort of Dave and Cathy’s home.    And to have been asked to capture these first moments…. it almost bursts my heart open again to think about it. 

Oakley is a special little guy.  And I am delighted to have Cathy tell you a bit about how much he means to their family….


We have welcomed a new life to the world, a new beginning of hope and a new love for us to cherish.   Three and a half years I wouldn’t have dreamt this joy was possible.

My beautiful family of 5 became 4 after a tragic accident took my husband and the father of our three boys’ life in 2007. The boys and I learned to love each other independent of their dad, depend on each other and become each other’s emotional rocks. Their dad would be very proud of us for how far we have come in our journey.

One of the steps we have taken in our healing journey was to learn to love again and open our hearts up wide as a valley to let the deep affection of another man come into our hearts.  A boy when I first knew him growing up, Dave entered my life again as a man who showed his love and support with not only me but my three boys as well.  We became a new family of five once again when Dave was added to the fabric of the quilt we were in the processing of patching up. As scars faded, we bonded as a family.  We found trust in each other where I never thought possible again. Dave helped us heal, and we gave him the fierce love back that only family can provide.

He got an instant family of chaos, laughter, lego building, excitement and cuddles. Always at the back of our minds was Dave had never had the experience of seeing his wife’s pregnant body, holding his own newborn or feeling the emotions only a dad can feel after seeing his child come into the world. After much thought and discussion we decided to add a baby to our blended family. However, no amount of discussion can prepare you to find out that you are expecting another boy! Wow – adding to the house full of boys we already have was an exciting prospect. Not a dull moment here that’s for sure.

With the birth of beautiful Oakley on the day of all days, Friday the 13th, we became a family of six.  A beautiful family of six!  How lucky we are to have added a sweet, beautiful, healthy baby boy to our lives? How lucky are we to have our family and friends to support us during this time of joy to welcome a new life to the world, a new beginning of hope and love for us to cherish. How lucky are we to have found this man from my past who has become our future?

Thank you Oakley for making me feel so lucky.

And here are the pictures of his second photo shoot!!!   One week later after I first met him.

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Janet Pliszka:


  1. Carla June 7, 2011 Reply

    I am speechless ... the message and the photos are beautiful. Insanely beautiful!

  2. Shauna June 7, 2011 Reply

    thank you for sharing this beautifully written -honest story of love and amazing pictures!!

  3. Jessica June 7, 2011 Reply

    How beautiful!

  4. Jill Norris June 9, 2011 Reply

    Wonderful story and pictures to go with a wonderful family! Oakley is a lucky baby!!

  5. Denise June 12, 2011 Reply

    Thank you for sharing, of course the tears flow, but they are happy ones!! You are an amazing Mom and women! Welcome Oakley!

    And Janet the pictures are amazing, as always, who could be a more special person than you to capture such beauty!

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