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I realize I often start out my blog posts with the phrase, “I was so lucky to …” but again, it’s true. In the colder darker months that start each new year, I was thinking of my parents staying in Florida and yearning for some sunshine. With a little push from a good friend who said “money is something you can get back, experience is not“, I hopped on a plane ahead of a winter storm and arrived in Florida. It’s amazing the things you come to value as the years pass, as you support your friends through hard losses and realize (though you always knew) but really realize how lucky you are to have such healthy, engaged, active, funny, loving parents. Thank you for the warmth, generosity and moments you shared with me in Florida. For the walks on the beach, the bike rides, the pulled pork extravaganza, the conversations, support and the laughter.

And here is your way of showing us what love looks like, 41  years and counting.

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Amy Brathwaite:


  1. Kim Page Gluckie April 5, 2013 Reply

    Awwww! Hello Mr. and Mrs. Braithewaite!

    Amy, lovely to see your mom and dad still smiling and being their true selves (as always). Instant flashback to the moments they made a difference in my life too.


  2. Kashif Gillani April 5, 2013 Reply

    Wow Amy....you are lucky, nice to see your parents they are awesome with lovely personalities, love their smile and care.


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