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MY FRIEND LORAINE by Janet Pliszka

I’ve know Loraine since grade 2.   Waaaay back in Longview School.  I can actually still remember her phone number from way back then. Together we’ve been through 11 years of grade school, music festivals, choir, Longview school fairs, spelling bee on TV, the big move to the high school, all the boy stuff, and the even bigger moves to Calgary.

Of course a couple decades have passed since then where we each did our own thing, always keeping up to date with each was up to. Loraine moved out to beautiful Victoria years ago and there she met her husband to be.  All of us friends were over the moon with the announcement of their wedding. And we met in this gorgeous city out on the island this past August to help celebrate. I was very excited to have been asked to do a shoot with them. I was so happy to take their photos but to also just have the time visiting, chatting and laughing with Loraine and Lee.

I made them meet me at 7:30 in the morning, poor things. As if they weren’t going to be tired enough that weekend!! We had some fun locations we wanted to visit before that sun got too high though.  Our first stop was just steps away from our hotel room’s front door. The first time I walked by it I knew I wanted to use it as a location for their shoot. It was this stunning wooden building and the morning light hit it beautifully. I love, love, love texture and this was just perfect.

We then stopped along Dallas road right beside the water to another of my favourite types of places to shoot… in long grass.  Now who here knows that blackberry bushes are native to Vancouver island? Not me? But there they were to welcome me. And there were a lot of them in this long beautiful grass!!  Nothing we can’t just untangle from though and enjoy how pretty this place was. A perfect place to take Loraine’s dear grandma’s blanket and use in their shoot.

And then to the water.  How could we do a shoot in Victoria without including water?!?   The sun was up pretty high by the time we got to the ocean (a lot of catch-up, talks and laughter were worth it).  And there were no clouds to help us out. So that’s just when you accept and embrace what’s in front of you.  And you know what?  I look at this set of images and I well up with tears.  I really do.  I feel their closeness. I see Loraine in all her goodness. In all her happiness. I see her soon to be husband surrounding her with her love. Protecting her. Loving her. When it comes to partners, all you want for your friends is that they are completely and dearly loved, respected and cared for. Our lovely Loraine, deservedly has all three.

At her wedding, her brother gave the toast to the bride. One thing he said really stuck in my mind that totally got to the essence of Loraine. He said how loraine is the only person he knows who truly listens fully and openly without judgment. Imagine!!! This is an incredible (rare!) trait to have and is one I love so much about Loraine. She does not interrupt, she does not jump in, she just lets you talk and get out your thoughts and feelings. For those who know and love loraine, I know you can just see the look of interest and concern on her face when you’re talking!!! She takes us all for who we are.

Man, I am so lucky to have the wonderful group of friends I have!!

My daughter is in grade 3 this year. Pretty much the same age that I met Loraine. I can only hope the friends she knows now can be as dear of a friend as Loraine.  I hope that she accumulates as many wonderful memories and laughs as we did.  And I hope that even as they get older and the time between their visits can be long, that whenever they meet up they can just pick up again.

Congratulations Loraine and Lee!   I wish you all the friendship, love and happiness in the world!

Love Janet

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  1. Fawna September 12, 2013 Reply

    OH JANET, These are amazing and I so agree with your comments. My thoughts at the wedding were, Loraine is the most gentle and harmless person that I know. We are lucky, and these pictures are exquisite.

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