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pausing …

I’m about to step away from the busy-ness to head home for a little while and see my family … in the rush and haste of these crazy days sometimes what is most important seems a little buried underneath deadlines, responsibilities and everyday stressors … and as I thought of ALL the things I need to do before going home, I came across a photo of my mum I took in the summer … and I thought, ‘it’s going to feel SO good to hug her” (My dad of course, as well). And I stopped, paused and smiled.

We’ve seen throughout this year, how quickly life can be taken from us … whether from devastating hurricanes, unrest or earth shaking violence committed by one another. Life can simply, inexplicable, ever-so-cruelly, sometimes be taken away …

So my wish for all of you this season, is to take those moments, to pause, to hug, to love. And to say thank you.

As I look forward to saying hello to my mum, I’ll leave you with a couple of photos from a recent shoot that I know these girls will love forever. When they are old enough and make that trip, wherever it may be from, home again.


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