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Throughout my seven years as a professional photographer I have been asked numerous times about teaching photography.   Well, an idea related directly to this has brewing in my mind and heart for a couple years.

You know how much I adore kids.  And yes, of course, I adore photography.  And you may not know this, but I also adore teaching.  (I was even a teacher in Japan for 3 years close to half a life ago)  So I have combined these three loves into a new venture.  And it’s based on one principal.

Every kid has a story to share.

KIDS PHOTOGRAPHY ACADEMY is going to show them how.  I am over the moon to introduce it to you.   To see it actually coming to life is giving me goosebumps… and keeping me up at night with all the ideas in my head!

Kids Photography Academy is a one-of-a-kind online classroom for children that will launch with a dozen kid-friendly video lessons. More and more lessons of various concepts and levels will be continually added as time goes on.   The lessons are designed to teach a child the art, science and fun of photography.  The videos actually have me in front of the camera explaining concepts, showing examples and how-to’s, and giving inspiring assignments.

As children increasingly have access to smart devices and cameras of their own, or sharing devices with parents or siblings, there has never been a better time for this lesson series.  An universal truth I know is that children love to be creative, they love to express themselves… but they don’t always have the opportunity to do so in a safe, inclusive, non-judgmental way.   I want to show them how!

Kids Photography Academy is well-planned, lessons are scripted and we’re ready to launch!   In order to do so, we require funding for video production and have decided to seek the revenue we need through Kickstarter Canada.  Kickstarter is a crowd sourcing platform.

Crowd sourcing means you set a fundraising goal and promote a business idea online.  People pledge money, and it’s only if the goal is reached that the pledgers pay.  In return, they get whatever was promised in return for their pledge – in this case access to a number of the lessons.  For example, $35 gets you the first 3 lessons.   There are lots of fun rewards from one lesson series to multiple lesson series to a multi-lesson package complete with camera.  There’s even a party complete with in-person lessons by myself, video packages for later and canvases for the kids of their favourite image.  Here’s an article where you can find more information on crowd-sourcing.  It’s such a brilliant concept as it help small businesses and people fund their projects while giving rewards to their backers.  Win-win!!

We are currently 33% towards our goal of raising $7,500 which will cover the first 18 videos.  Any funds raised beyond that will, you guessed it, put towards more video lessons.  And believe me, my list is long on what lessons I’ll be providing!

I would love it if you could help us meet our funding goals in one of two ways

  • Contribute by visiting our Kickstarter Page – you’ll find several of our funding levels give you the courses back as a reward (we think they will make great Christmas gifts)!
  • Share – we cannot meet our goals alone. Please tell all your friends, family and anyone you think might appreciate our mission and values. There are social sharing tools on the Kickstarter page. I encourage you to share online as much as possible.
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While I will continue to adore photographing your children as a family photographer at Visual Hues Photography, I am so happy to be offering Kids Photography Academy to your family.

Thank you so much for your continued support!   It’s YOUR kids who have inspired this!











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