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Here you will find sessions at a special rate.   Some specials are for Janet to explore ideas she has swirling around in her mind.  Some specials are to try out a new location.   And some are to fill in times when Janet is available.   Read each special carefully so you are fully aware of the parameters for each one.   Contact Janet if you are interested! 


An unique backdrop right at Harvie Passage.   Cool stones plus the river as a backdrop!  Perfect for an evening shoot.


BACKGROUND:    My husband loves to white water canoe and my son had just taken a kayaking camp.   They wanted to go to Harvie Passage and so I went with them to take some photographs.  As I was walking around, I just loved all the unique features and thought this would be so fun for a photo shoot.  Lots of texture. Lots of lines.   Neutral colours so anything will go from a wardrobe perspective.   Let’s have fun!!!

WHAT I ASK OF YOU:  Truly?  Just show up at the park and be ready for some fun!!

THE SPECIAL:  $750 Full Session.  Includes an hour-ish session, 40 images and a 4×6 print of each image.  A savings of $200 to help me try out this location!!   


I constantly have ideas in my heads for different types of shoots that I would love to do.   I will add them here and cross my fingers a family resonates with one of my ideas!


BACKGROUND: I love my baths!   So, so, so much.  I am craving to do a bathtub shoot.   But I have a bathroom with a small tub and no windows.   Playing, splashing, goofing around with lots and lots of bubbles.

WHAT I ASK OF YOU: Need a bathroom with a big tub and lots of natural light streaming in at some point in the day.   Parents need to be okay with splashing and getting some water and bubbles moved around!!

THE SPECIAL: .  Petite Session.  25 minutes, 20 digital images and a 5×7 print of each image.   $350 includes session and digital files.   Additional products available for purchase at 15% off price.



BACKGROUND:  Amazing memories are made at the cabin.  I would love to do a documentary series at a family cabin (or one that you rent) … to really encapsulate what your time at the cabin means to your family.

WHAT I ASK OF YOU: Just invite me to be part of your day!  I will capture the little moments like making lunch, reading on the couch, drinking wine in the yard in the evening light and swinging in the hammock.   And I will capture the bigger ones too like going on a hike, playing on the beach, and gathering around the bonfire.   We will talk beforehand to see if there are any special parts you want captured.  And I’ll even see things you may not that will complete your cabin life story.

THE SPECIAL: .  $800 Session Fee.  ($150 off regular pricing).    Travel Fee Waived.   20% off a la carte and Print & Display collection pricing.


BACKGROUND: Friends are family.  Plain and simple.

WHAT I ASK OF YOU: Grab your friends.  A backyard party seems ideal to me, but we can discuss other location options too.  Have a couple drinks.  Enjoy!  And then have me take some beautiful pictures of you together that you’ll cherish.   This will also work for your children and their friends…. (we’ll just skip the drinks!!!!)

THE SPECIAL: . $100 Per Person participating.  For each participant, there will be one individual image and three friends images.