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Shooting from the Hip, an inspired session – by Amy Brathwaite

Back in July, Janet and I had the good fortune of attending a workshop hosted by one of our mentors, Mr David duChemin. There were many moments of inspiration and creativity and nervous territory to pursue. As a photographer (and individual), I am drawn to the gritty, the authentic and the rawness that street photography offers. Steve Simon is an extraordinary documentary and street photographer whose images are so evocative, so powerful, so edgy – just as they are. He inspired me to get uncomfortable. He inspired me to see the grit in my own environment, to see with new eyes. He dared me to ‘shoot from the hip’. To blend in, to stay quiet, to stay unseen, to feel out moments with my eyes, rather than relying on my lens. So shortly after returning from Vancouver, on the last night of Stampede, I went to the fair grounds and stayed quiet and did just that.

Stampede: Tired. gritty. opulent. obscene. celebratory. traditional. preserved. fried. aggressive. dirty. Jovial. uninhibited. provocative. dizzy. expanding. weary. welcoming.

what do you think?

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