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Here’s my second post for my series on Shopping Small Business Makes a Big Difference.

Many of you know I grew up on a ranch near Longview. I have a few favourite businesses down that way.   I think I’ll take you on a bit of a tour, in fact.

First, visit one of my closest and dearest friends Fawna Bews for a body, mind and soul treatment.  Fawna is simply one of the most genuine, kind and gifted people you can meet in this world.  You’ll be all cozy in her log cabin, built by her very talented husband and together have a deep and respectful treatment.  I guarantee you’ll walk out with a clearer mind, feeling more whole, and seeing a path towards living your life’s purpose.  The healing of your body, mind and soul is a welcome thing and I encourage each of you to take the time to reconnect with your inner wisdom.  Fawna will also be doing some workshops in our studio in the new year, so we’ll let you know about those as well!

So now you’re all aligned and probably feeling hungry! Go for an amazing meal at the Longview Steakhouse at 102 Morrison Road (the main street).  Only five stars and raving compliments appear when you look them up on the web.  We have had many a fine meal here and they are always more than happy to make a special meal for Harold (my vegan husband…. Yes I know ranchers daughter married to vegan) They also catered the most amazing dinner for my dad and Karens wedding a couple summers ago.  They are making a second location up on the hill you’ll see it being built as you come down into town but for now you get the small town atmosphere of it’s original location.

Since you’ll be quite full, you may as well walk down the street to the other end of town (don’t worry it’s not too far, this is Longview) to a gem of a shop called Wow and Then. It’s full of antiques and is so fun to look around. Pam, the owner just loves what she does and is so friendly and helpful.  She does an amazing job of sharing photos on facebook not only from her own store but the amazing group of friends she has who are always interested in vintage.  She’s often on the lookout for unique items for me.  Our studio has quite a few items from this store, including my favourite chair!

This photo is quite appropriate as it was taken in Longview right outside Fawna’s yard with the chair I got from Wow snd Then.  So now that I think about it, don’t walk down the street as you’ll be wanting to load some treasures up in your car!!

On your way there or on your way back, you can visit Vale’s Greenhouse in Black Diamond. This is where my mom used to work.  If I remember correctly they closed down the greenhouse the afternoon of moms funeral so they could all attend. It is a huge greenhouse full of flowers, garden decor, plants and bushes. Would I ever love to do a day of Petite Sessions here.. there are so many beautiful little spots tucked away in this garden oasis.  When you first go through the main gates take a small detour right away to the right. You’ll see some chairs there. One chair is in memory of mom and look on it to find a sweet inscription. I remember lots of visits to Vale’s when was younger but my favourite memory was when mom took Harold and I there (before she worked there) to treat us to plants for our new home. We were so excited and grateful to mom for that day. It was her birthday, June 14th, and poor mom, I guess she was excited too because she was driving a bit too fast out of town and got a speeding ticket!

So yes there you go! If anyone has other places to visit in Longview let me know!!

For my next blog, I’m going to stay a bit closer to my home here in Calgary and take you on a tour in Marda Loop!


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