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SNEAK PEEK – Janet Pliszka

This is the start of a promise to myself.  To give clients a sneak peek of at least one of their images on our blog within a couple days of their shoot.  After a shoot it’s just so exciting to imagine what was captured at the session and so I think it can only be a good idea to keep the fun going with showing an image or two.

So here I go!   From last night near Cochrane, where I was truly giddy with happiness as I drove there watching the light and clouds.   We had planned to be on a little stone beach right by the river behind this family’s home.  Our location had 8 feet of beach showing in the morning but when we got there in the evening it was completely covered in water.   Darn!!!   But you know what?  We just went with it.. we found another spot for Matt (thanks Matt!) to lug the canoe to and came up with this wonderful image that depicts this beautiful family so well.  I love so much about it — their little girl practicing her strokes with the brand new paddle she received for her 3rd birthday,  amazing clouds, Mr. “I’m all smiles” as happy as can be, everyone next to their well-loved canoe all in a location that enjoy everyday.

Thank you for a wonderful evening, Beck family!


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