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Snowflakes in May

It’s funny how things work out. I first spoke to this lovely Mum who wanted to do something different for her family photos and was interested in a winter shoot, acknowledging that so much of our lives are lived in a colder climate. And we’d tried off and on a few times to connect and something always came up. So when the calendar turned to a new month and the forecast called for more snow, I reached out and we made a plan for the next morning.
And it was perfect. That kind of picturesque, fluffy, happy, light, decorates-all-it-touches kind of snow … in May. And when you combine that with a happy, silly, and colourful family, then those beautiful moments of connection unfold. ¬†Thanks to this family, it was a reminder of just how beautiful our climate can be (even when we tire of it) and for allowing me to help them create some new and lasting memories.
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